Flag state inspections are special programs by flag states performed annually in most cases by individual approved inspectors

Not all flag states implement such programs

Types of flag state inspections are usually one of the following:

  • Annual inspection
  • Special inspection when required after detention or doubts about the ship
  • Pre-registration inspection before the registration documents are issued

Purpose of flag state inspections could be one of the following or even all:

  • To make sure that the vessel is us up to the flag standard before registration
  • To verify the safety of the vessel and seaworthiness
  • To review that all parts involved in certification of the ship are doing their parts according to the International and national regulations

Scope of flag state inspection are the following:

  • General: particulars of the vessel and ISM operator information
  • Documentation
  • Plans manuals, records and bridge publications
  • Aids to navigation and communications
  • Drills evaluation
  • Fire fighting equipment
  • Life saving appliances and arrangements
  • General and structural conditions
  • Maritime Lbaour
  • Passenger vessels special items
  • Oil tankers special items
  • Mobile offshore drilling unites and floating production storage and loading faculties special items

Our flag state inspectors network covers the following countries

Egypt, UAE, South Africa, Turkey, Brazil, China, Morocco, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, South Korea, United States, Canada, Australia