Class and statutory certificates refereed to as trading certificates or technical certificates are in most cases issued by independent organizations called  “Recognized Organizations” approved by the flag state of the ship to issue such certificates

A recognized organization can be authorized to issue all certificates or some of them or even one certificate

Class hull and machinery under most flag does not the issuing entity to be approved by the flag state

All class and statutory certificates require survey by competent surveyor; competent surveyor means approved surveyor by RO after complying with all requirement if the administration (flag state)

In most cases Interim certificates are issued for five months (according to most convention Interim is valid for up to six months)

Interim certificates are issued after satisfactory compeltion of survey for each certificate in hand

After filing all survey reports, recognized organization head office issues full term certificates which is valid up to five years subject to periodical survey: Annuals, Intermediate and renewals

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