Seafarers endorsements

Endorsements is a certificate issued by a country to indicate the recognition of the license issued by the other country or certificate issued to recognize specific course

The seafarers must have endorsement of the flag of the vessel he serves on according to his original license, original licenses can be from his home country or from another country accepting foreigner as illustrated before

  • COC endorsements: COE
  • GOC endorsement
  • Security course endorsement
  • Oil tanker, chemical tankers and gas carriers endorsements
  • Seafarers needs to hold separate endorsements for each flag state.
  • No endorsement of recognition will be granted if the original national certificate is not valid or has expired.
  • STCW endorsements are only issued for current STCW certificates.
  • Seafarers cannot apply for an endorsement of recognition from one country on the basis of an endorsement issued by another country.
  • Endorsements can only be issued on the basis of the original certificate.
  • If the seafarer has already applied for an endorsement, but this is being processed by the respective flag administration, he has a period of grace of up to three months from the date he joined the ship. During this period, he will be able to serve without an endorsement provided he has documentary evidence (a letter from the flag administration or consulate) stating that he has applied for an endorsement
  • Required documents for endorsements:
    • Application
    • Photo
    • Copy of seaman book
    • Copy of COC
    • Copy GOC if required
    • Copy of al courses
    • Medical certificate
    • Copy of STCW courses