St. Maarten COC

Sr. Maarten COC prices


Engine officers

Management level (with SSO)

Management level  (without SSO)

Operational level (with SSO)

Operational level (without SSO)

2700  USD

2600 USD

2600 USD

2500 USD

ETO (with SSO)

ETO (without SSO)

2550 USD

2450 USD

Deck officers

Management level (with SSO & GMDSS)

Management level (without SSO)

Operational level (with SSO & GNDSS)

Operational level (without SSO)

2850 USD

2750 USD

2750 USD

2650 USD

Time required

  • St. Maarten certificates of competencies takes up 15 days to be issued
Submit the following documents
  • Passport copy
  • Copy of the seaman book with sea service pages
  • Sea service can be a letter from employing company
  • Digital photo (passport size)
  • Medical examination (Request it from us)
  • Honduras application form (Request it from us)
Documents issued within the package

The following documents are issued as a whole package

  • Certificate of competency
  • Seaman book
  • GMDSS license (deck officers)
  • GMDSS record book (deck officers)
  • STCW courses:
    • Advanced fire fighting
    • Security awareness and designated security duties
    • Four basic training courses
    • Engine room simulator
    • Leadership and teamwork – Management training
    • Marine environmental awareness
    • Medical first aid
    • Ship security officers
    • Proficiency in survival craft and rescue boats other than fast rescue boats
    • High voltage safety & switch gear

**Courses applies as per dept.